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Re: [at-l] C.A.T.?

Phil Romans wrote:
> What happened to the idea of having a Candian AT?  Last I heard about it was
> a Backpacker article saying how they planned to add another 100 miles or
> so to the trail extending in the Great White North.
> Anyone?
> -=phil

	I don't know about the trail into New Brunswick/Quebec, but in 
Newfoundland my hiking page is about the extent of it here right 
now......the Trans Canada Trail is the big news in Canada now (link on 
my hiking page also, but sparse info)....we see ads on TV and a pitch 
for it once in while from the former Premier of Alberta......


       Doug Gibbons, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland       

       A happy heart goes on forever.
       (The Winter's Tale [Shakespeare])
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