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[at-l] Rehashing the cell phone thang.

ARTCLOUTMN wrote (on the subject of relationships):

<<<She [his wife] is trying to get me to carry a cel phone when I do my thru

I know someone brought this up earlier, but that was just before I had a
little trouble w/ my account and lost contact for a while (can anyone say

So what was the consensus on the practicality of carrying a cell phone for
safety purposes?  Is it worth it?  Is there enough of the trail within reach
of cellular service?  I wouldn't allow anyone to call me unless it was a life
and death emergency, and likewise wouldn't use it, but it would be nice to
have that extra security.  Any thoughts?  If this has already been dealt
witha nd I just missed it, maybe someone has the previous posts?  

Scoob in boulder where it's too freakin' cold, but getting warmer.
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