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Re: [at-l] phish names

> >god, the list goes on.  glad to know there's another phish head out there.
> >peace out antelope
> >><\\\>
> >pooom
> >always hikin like an antelope out of control....
> Aaaaaaahhhh!  Can somebody *puh-leeeeaaaasse* tell me what the heck "phish"
> is?  I feel like I'm missing out on something... :(  <g>
> Slainte,
> Cindi

If you appreciate good eclectic (sp?) improvisational music with a touch
of goofiness thrown in then you are definitely missing out. Phish is a
band from VT that formed around '86, they tour extensively and have a
following that is out of
lack of a better comparison "like the Deadheads" in that seeing lots of
shows, traveling around, occasional drug use, trading tapes of live shows
are all common among both groups and there are alot of Deadheads who are
also Phishheads and vice-versa. Phish play everything from straight ahead
jazz to bluegrass to rock-n-roll to acappella gospel, they can't be
classified and their songs are fairly complex musically, after all the
band is made up of former college music majors.

Sorry for the off topic spew, but she deserved an answer I suppose

Will Strickland
"May the four winds blow you safely home..."
  -- Grateful Dead--
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