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[at-l] It's happened

	I found out recently that my school has job openings in Computer 
support.  (I spent 3.5 years of school working at that sorta thing)  Now 
I go drop off my resume and all that.  I talk with the guy who does 
hiring and I tell him I am free now til about March 10th.
	To which he says, hmmmmmm.  Great great... He tells me he might 
use me in the mean time, but why can't you work full time?  We could use 
you here.  

Damn damn damn.... the one thing I didn't want to happen has.  A good 
full time job offering but due to my trip has put a small doubt in the 
hiring process.

Good thing though, the guy hiring said go do it while you can.  He had 
always wanted to bike across the US but never got to it.  Now the banks 
own him, plus family etc.

well, I might push back the start date a week or two to get some work in 
if things go right.  Who knows...


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