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[at-l] Footgear: Light vs. Heavy

        I'd suggest going with medium to heavywight shoes to begin the trip.
Although one may be in decent shape from weekend hikes, the constant
pounding with quite a full pack can take its toll on the entire leg not just
the feet.

        The trade-off with weight is worth the extra support in the
beginning.  After say the first 1/3 of the trail then switch to a
lighterweight boot.

        A lightweight pair of running shoes at the end of the day and in
towns is probably worth the 10oz or so extra weight in the pack.

        I found that overall the lateral support in the lighterweight boots
is somewhat lacking especially when you get the foot wedged between narrow

        Of course my experience was in 1981 when I left Springer with a pair
of Fabiano Nicoles which after the toes were recemented and stitched in
Franklin, NC made it to Maine.  I brought a pair of adidas marathon trainers
for "apres hike" but these were also good on the more frequent road walks
back then.

        However, I still prefer the mid to heavy weight leather boot today,
but I know I'm probably in the minority.

        Finally, did anyone else get a kick out of the variety of the list
going from relationships to tent pegs to relationships?

        A good tent peg is like a good relationship
        they both hold tight when the weather gets

The Bamaman AT '81
For those in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire check out the Ossipee
Mountain News at http://www.conknet.com/~d_severance


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