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[at-l] re: non-reading material

i love to read, especially on vacation or for relaxation.  but i took
nothing on the thru hike because i wanted to make sure i would *write*
instead of read.  it was hard enough as it was to write every day, i don't
usually keep a journal.

but i was never bored on the trail.  usually socializing was the passtime
of preference, sometimes it was napping, sometimes making repairs (both
equipment and body), and sometimes i would just sit and space out.  i'd
like to think i was meditating, but i don't think i'm enlightened enough
for that.  though it was appealing to read thoreau or tolkein while on a
thruhike, i never felt i was missing anything or that my hike was lacking
in any way.

i hiked with a couple for much of the way who were never without two or
three books.  Smokey was a science fiction fan and read alot of kurt
vonegut (sp?) and isaac asimov (he died while we were on the trail),
Tweetie re-read tolkein's lord of the rings and thoreau's walden and a
couple trashy romance novels to keep things light.

ke kaahawe

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