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[at-l] Dogs>I wuz wrong!

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From:	greatgln@mt-washington.com (Howie Wemyss)
Reply-to:	greatgln@mt-washington.com
To:	Snodrog5@aol.com
Date: 97-01-14 10:40:30 EST

Snodrog5@aol.com wrote:
>  Is it true hikers are not allowed to bring dogs into Mt Washjngton state
> Park? I have an AT thru hiker who is bringing her dog and this question has
> recently popped up. Any help you could share will be appreciated. Much
> Thanks, TraderJohn aka John Gordon

Hi John,

No, that's not quite true.   Dogs are certainly welcome on the trails on
Mt Washington as well as at the summit itself.  Dogs cannot be brought
into the state park building.  Hikers with dogs generally tie them to
the fence outside before going in.

Hope this answers your concern.

Howie Wemyss
Great Glen Trails / Mt Washington Auto Road

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