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[at-l] Cameras & more

 TraderJohn here
 must advise against cardboard throwaways, they get crushed and give poor
results. They're OK to give the kids but on a big hike you'll want pictures
to keep. I suggest a camera with a timer so you can get into your own photos.
Ask around, you might be able to borrow somebody's spare! Every penny counts
over 2000 miles. 
 To "The Smiths" Illinois to North Carolina? How bout 'Alice 'n' Change' ?
 Don't just count ounces, make sure your pack fits well, is loaded right, and
will fit you 15 pounds from now. You can carry more if you carry it well. You
know why the troops train with 60 pounders? So 40 pounds will seem like
nothing in the field.
 Inexpensive gear- Free hiking staff from a beaver's scrap pile at the foot
of Katahdin, many to choose from and the cost was right for this Scot! Boots
from the New Balance factory store and a Polar-Tec bag liner sewn from scrap
bought at the Malden Mills outlet store.                
 Shelter Mice ? How long will it be before someone hikes with thier cat?
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