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Re: [at-l] tent stakes

> On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, John Koch wrote:
> > a while back someone posted which tent stakes were best and i've lost 
> > the information. i've been through the archives of both lists and 
> > can't find it. can someone help me out? thanks.
> > 
> Maybe you want the Easton pegs...
> Milt, REI has the pegs. I looked in campmore but didnot find them. They
> have a yellow gold shaft with an aluminum top and a white cord through the
> top.  They look heavy until you pick them up. If you buy 6 or more they
> give you a discount.(the store in Cary NC does)

Not only are they extremely light, they are also CHEAP (for what you get)
and virtually indestructible. At the REI here in Atlanta they run about
$1.40 each.......

Will Strickland
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  -- Grateful Dead--
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