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[at-l] Health Insurance

Hello to all,
I am grateful I do have health insurance covering myself and my family.
Several weeks ago my son, in college out of state, had a need to be seen by
a doctor.  They wanted to know if he had meet his deductable for the year
under his coverage?  Not knowing if he had or not he had to pay for the
visit in full.  It never occurred to me when he left for college to give him
a copy of a billing statement showing he had already meet his dedutable for
the current year.  After this incident we give him proof to carry with him
so he doesn't have to pay all that money up front and then have to wait for
the doctor to refund him the monies after they file their claim with my
insurance company.  Last year he needed medical attention an he went to a
hospital and they didn't require him to pay for the visit they just accepted
his insurance id and submitted the claim through our insurance coverage.
Apparently doctors office visit handle the situation diffently and may
require you to pay up front for their services.
This was a good lesson for me to learn.  I now will make it a practice to
carry documentation showing I've meet the deductable when I do travel.  Thus
I don't have to wait for refunds which can take awhile.  Leaving me short of
cash or a balance on my credit card.
People on a thru-hike might consider carrying such documentation and
eliminate a un-needed hassle.  For that matter anyone traveling may want to
consider doing this.  Just food for thought.
Take care,

John F. O'Mahoney    E-mail johno@mail.monmouth
Brick, New Jersey
60 miles north of Atlantic City   60 miles south of New York City

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