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[at-l] Re: Reading Material

What I did for reading material is probably what most of you do NOT think 
will work for you, but believe it or not I found MAGAZINES were what I 
enjoyed most.  Here's why:

* Reasonably easy to pick up in various towns
* Lightweight
* Throw them away when you're done
* I really enjoy reading a good magazine cover to cover and it's 
something I rarely make the time to do off of the Trail.
* I personally enjoyed reading about "the real world" on my hike.  It was 
like reading about a distant place I knew very well and would return to.  
My hike was about doing something different and wonderful; I didn't feel 
the desire to cut myself off from "reality" completely.

Oh and it was four weeks into my hike before I had enough "down time" in 
camp to carry leisure reading.  So I might recommend starting out with 
nothing and changing your mind once you're in the groove.

As always, just letting folks know what worked for me.

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