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[at-l] New Gear! New Gear!

I looked in the mail today and what was there?

Well a brand spanking new Marmot Alpinist Light jacket! two and three ply Gtex and a steal of a
deal @ $170 (retail is like $350). (I bought it over the net actually) I also picked up over the
weekend a set of gaiters and was intent on getting some Thorlo trekkers, but my REI was out of my
size :( bummer! They were also out of Sierra CLip Flashlight 2's, but I ordered one so it should
be in within the week. What else? Oh yeah, some REI equivalent of the Patagonia capilene
midweight, nice stuff! 

Here's a question for you folks who own gaiters (I've never owned a pair):

On my pair (by OR) there is a hook at the bottom that is very similar to the type of hook that
makes up the last couple of lace guides on boots, you know, the ones up top where you hook your
laces around the ankle area. Anyway, I assume these are to keep the gaiters down over the top of
your boot and your laces, but what am I suppposed to hook it to? Anyone?

Take care,

Will Strickland
"May the four winds blow you safely home..."
  -- Grateful Dead--
Internet: gt0556d@prism.gatech.edu

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