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[at-l] re: trail names on the trail

Sir Goober Peas wrote:

>>Whatever happened to being named while you are actually "on the trail?"

of course, many hikers don't know about the trail name custom, and get a
name along the way.  i met others who knew about it, but wanted to be
'christened' on the trail - refused to give themselves a name, it had to be
bestowed.  i chose my name prior to hiking for sentimental reasons.

some of you know this story of how miriam got her trail name, but it's a
good one and bears repeating here:

this all happened prior to my meeting her.  in 92 there were two kids, Foul
Gear and The Merry Trailster, who together were known as The Bomb Squad.
these guys had a real reputation of being a little weird, a little
anti-social and a little violent...the merry trailster had rusty shave a
swastika into the back of his head...they killed a few snakes and left them
spitted in shelter fire pits...some very interesting register entries..etc,
etc.  never met the guys, but i understand that they were fine, "normal"
guys who assumed this trail persona, for some odd reason.

anyway, one of the interesting register entries involved the sexually
graphic interpretation of eating Little Debbie cream filled oatmeal
cookies.  say no more.  somewhere between waynesboro and hf, they decided
that the next single woman they met on the trail they would call Little

well, there were no women ahead of them that had started at springer, so by
hf they were begining to get a bit bummed they couldn't bestow this
wonderful name.  naturally, they were ecstatic to find miriam's register
entries north of hf, and made it their mission to catch up to her.  she was
about a week and a half ahead, but she had just started, and they were

so little by little they gained on her, and many of us behind them would
get to a shelter and eagerly search the register to read up on the chase.
i think it was somewhere in north pa when they finally caught up to her.
needless to say, she wasn't too impressed by them, but they were decent
enough guys, so she assumed the name (i think before fully realizing the
details behind it).  and she proudly bears it to this day.

(an interesting post script is that she had had a short conversation with
ward leonard in central pa, and he kept calling her mimi, because he
couldn't remember miriam.  she nearly took mimi as a trail name - imagine
being given your trail name by ward!)

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miriam, little debbie HF-ME 92  /

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Michael Henderson		mikeh@royalrobbins.com

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