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[at-l] Relationships.

t. wrote:

> How many of you backpackers have partners/mates whom have NO desire
> in participating in your interest ?

Not me.  My SO is my constant hiking/backpacking/traveling partner.

> I feel this type of compatibility is not important.
> I've always been a singlet hiker.  But, should I prefer to spend time
> with her over going to the trail as often?

I would say that's up to you and your SO to work out.  Personally, I enjoy
spending time with my SO and would do it even if it meant I wouldn't be able
to go to the trail.  Since my SO enjoys hiking/backpacking, I get to have
my cake and eat it too.

> There are a lot of different possible responses to this question ...
> Some of you would never consider getting involved with someone who would
> not hike.  Others, accept this as simply being different and enjoy the
> time apart.

One other option is to get your SO interested in hiking/backpacking.  My SO,
had very little experience in the back country when I met her.  In just two
summers, she has gone from short day hikes to 5-day backpacks and now even
expresses interest in doing the Colorado Trail and the AT.  IMHO, your
relationship will be more rewarding if you are able to share your interests
with your SO.  I've had many experiences in the back country with my SO that
have greatly strengthened our relationship.  Of course, every person and
couple is different, so YMMV.

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