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Re: [at-l] Relationships.

tfort wrote:

> I have a question of a slightly different nature.  How many of you
> backpackers have partners/mates whom have NO desire in participating in
> your interest ?  I feel this type of compatibility is not important.
> I've always been a singlet hiker.  

me! me! my boyfriend just doesn't like it. i took him last year and he
thought it was dumb to walk around with all this stuff on your back
looking at tree after tree after tree.... I have a great friend (male)
who also likes to hike. We have gone hiking a few times together. I
might even be able to coerce him to go with me this weekend (brrrr!).
> There are a lot of different possible responses to this question ...
> Some of you would never consider getting involved with someone who would
> not hike.  Others, accept this as simply being different and enjoy the
> time apart.

I see it as a personality difference. There are lots of things he enjoys
doing, that I don't. I don't resent him for not liking hiking - that's
not his fault. But he is supportive and understands my desire to hike
the AT. I think that's about as good as a boyfriend who likes weekend
hikes. :)  It's all a tradeoff. Take what you can get. 

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