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[at-l] new to list

Hi -

My name is Rick Mann and I am new to the list.  I did 900 miles of AT day hikes last summer, some in each of the forteen states, living out of my van.  My trail name was 'Pittsburgh'.  'Gutsy' mentions me at her Manchester Center journal entry (June 10th, I think).  I hooked up with "LetItBe' for five or six weeks, from Sunrise Mountain to Gorham NH.

I'll be hosting a northbound group hike this summer, leaving Easter weekend.  A support van will follow, carrying the gear and providing food, water, necessities, cooking fuel, laundry. etc.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome.  Join us if you can.  $2.50/mile (restaurants, hostels, motels, transport, entertainments included).

I have been contacting all of the National Parks, State Parks, Forest Services, etc., in which the trail lands run through. Since my hike is (technically) a commercial operation, what I want to know is the restrictions on commercial operations through these lands.  Most do not require any permits, licenses or fees.  Of those that do, GSMNP is the worst.  In order for the van to park at Newfound Gap and resupply the group (a few hours at the most), I need to register as a guide, send in a guide application ($100 application fee), pay another $300 or $400 if accepted as a guide, and get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of insurance.  GSMNP doesn't differentiate between someone using their lands for 365 days a year, versus a few hours of one day!  Any suggestions?

Rick Mann
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