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Re: [at-l] "Backpacker"

This is a joke being propagated by someone who thinks history began
in 1979, right?  Okay, I'll bite...

First, everybody knows Ozzies never go backpacking.  They go
on walkabout :-)

Origins of the term backpacker are less clear.

At any rate, _Backpacker_ magazine has been publishing since, what,
the late '60s/early '70s?  Helmsley had been editing _Backpacker_ for a
couple years before he was asked to run the American Hiking Society...
point being that the term was in circulation long before the '80s.

This'll date you:  who remembers when _Backpacker_ was a quarterly,
and each issue's number was printed up there on the cover next to the
magazine's title in the same size type?




On Sun, 12 Jan 1997 15:47:45 -0500 jplynch@crosslink.net (James P. Lynch)
>I found this on the web.. anyone hear of an earlier use of our favorite
>The term 'backpacker', believed to have originated in Australia during
>early 1980s, was coined to describe the many people touring the country
>their belongings in a backpack.
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