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[at-l] Cheap gear


I'm a recent new subscriber, living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and
there is so much snow here I can't see the cars going by on the road.

I did some backpacking 25 years ago, but hadn't done any more until this
past summer when I spent five days in the Smokies (four of them on the AT,
and I'm hooked) and then a short trip on the North Country Trail in the
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (would have been longer if I hadn't had
boot trouble). It's only a matter of time and finding dogsitters before I
embark on a long section hike.

Regarding cheap gear, I wonder if anyone has had any experience with LL
Bean's Classic Guide boot which sells for $89.00. This boot is full leather
upper, and leather lined. This seems almost too good to be true for the
price; any other boot with this much leather is twice the price.

Thanks for any insights.


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