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Not too long ago there was a series of postings about
books that people enjoy reading to bring back their
trail experiences and feelings.  I'd like to pose a slightly
different question.  I'm looking for books that can be taken
on the trail and read over and over again.  Maybe even torn
into sections that are lighter to pack.  Some of the classics
like _The__Bible_ and _Walden_ come to mind immediately, but I
was looking for a few other suggestions.

I'm toying with the idea of taking a book I received
for Christmas with me in sections.  It's called _Earth_
Poems_ and it's a collection of poems from around the world
to honor the earth.  It's edited by Ivo Mosley.

Any others anybody can toss out there?

Now, on to fun guide books to carry with you.  I found a
little 2 oz pocket size book at EMS on identifying trees
in the winter.  I plan to have it in my pack when I leave
Springer.  The book's format is like a decision 'tree' (couldn't
avoid that one), that identifies the trees based on bud formation,
bark appearance, ....  I think it will be fun to have around and
I alway wish I knew more about the things I see on the trail.

Anybody got any good suggestions for SMALL, but useful guide
books to carry.  I've yet to find a good one on wildflowers or
birds that was small enough to carry.  It would be great if it were
specific to just the Appalachian Mountains.

'Solophile'  GA-->ME  '97
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