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Re: [at-l] Cheap gear

 Please note that I'm not trying to start a war here.  If you can afford 
 the best, more power to ya.


Just ran into a friend who can and does spend big bucks on his gear. (his pix
is there in the dictionary under tech-weanie)   We were laughing about a
cross country ski trip that we did on the North Rim a number of years ago.
 To make a long story short, the weather caved in on us.  After skiing 50
miles to get to the canyon, we ended up in a blizzard, and the Supai layer
(which is just mud and rock) of the canyon was so wet, it was moving, we
couldn't get thru.  ( It took 8 months for the trail crews to rebuild the
North Rim trails after this storm)  For reasons that are too long to go into,
our gear was soaked and we ended up doing an emergency bivouc in the canyon
under pretty awful conditions.  The funny part comes in here,  the cheap
stuff, like the $7 fleece outfit bought at "Factory 2U", was worth it's
weight in gold.  There was no real difference in performance, in fact, some
of the pricey stuff just didn't hold up. (Well, primarily the down gear, wet
it is useless- he had a bunch of down gear on this trip)  He was still
ticked, of the hundreds he spent on pricey outdoor clothing, it was the
bargain basement stuff that really came thru with flying colours.  In fact,
as we stood on the street laughing, he was wearing that same "cheap" fleece

 But I hope people who are just getting into 
 packing or just getting into winter don't get scared off by high gear

Agreed.   Gear prices and gear talk does scare off alot of people.  Sometimes
it seems we spend more time talking about gear than using it!  ( I'm guilty
of this, I 'fess up)  Maybe when we'd rather be out using the gear but have
to work for a living, gear talk is a way of feeling like we're out there...
don't know....

More musings from the Sonoran...


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