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[at-l] Re: Cheap gear

Actually, it's quite ashame that gear is soooooo expensive. It's nice, but
how much of it is utilitarian and how much just "bells and whistles". I
love my Mountainsmith packs, but then again, that's my "all terrain
vehicle". Clothing DEFINITELY can be K-WalliesMartisized.

The Lord Bless and Keep You!

Gene Cochran

: From: kahlena <kahley7@ptd.net>
: To: at-l@saffron.hack.net
: Cc: atml@trailplace.com
: Subject: Cheap gear
: Date: Saturday, January 11, 1997 4:53 PM
: I'm not looking to start a fuss with this but....alot of the clothes
: featured for hiking and winter sports, like anything else, _can_cost
: a mint.  I can't afford even 1/4 mint so I do it on the cheap.
: Today, the temp was 11 -17 with stiff winds that gusted to darn near 
: knock ya over.  We were out for only about 3 hrs....had to go to work.
: But tomorrow I will put this outfit to a real test with a daylight
: to dusk hike.  Anyway, today I was too warm...
: Wally-mart long sleeve polypro undee-top			13.00
: Another polyester long sleeve shirt		 		 6.00
: Fleece lined nylon jacket with hood				49.00
: Nylon-lycra leggins						14.00
: Very old polyester stretch pants				11.00
: Kmart poly-fleece gloves (on sale now for 7.50)			10.00
: Kmart poly-fleece scarf  (on sale now for 7.50)			 7.50
: Turtle fur Balaclava (my extravegance..this stuff is sooo nice)	17.00
: Tommorrow, the hike will include two meals and I get cold quick when not 
: moving....so I'll change things.  Probably switch to a 
: Polartec 200 hooded jacket					49.00
: Nylon windbreaker						13.00
: and I'll pack
: Nylon wind pants						17.00
: Down Jacket, (slightly irregular)				49.00
: Kmart thinsulate mittens					10.00
: And I plan to check out how hiking with two poles helps the knees.  I've 
: used_a_ staff in winter before but I found some really great banner 
: poles (you know those colorful banners alot of people are putting on 
: there houses) which I have tipped with cruch tips and wrapped some
: Wilson" tennis racket grip for my hands.  I know, I know..you can
: pick up a staff once you get there but, they are usually wet, heavy and 
: rough on the hand.  Anyway..total cost for two....24.00. I'm sorry the
: micro fiber,fleece hat I ordered for 9.00 plus shipping hasn't come yet.
: Please note that I'm not trying to start a war here.  If you can afford 
: the best, more power to ya.  But I hope people who are just getting into 
: packing or just getting into winter don't get scared off by high gear
: cost.
: OK...now that I've admitted to being...shall we say frugal...anyone else 
: have any cheap stuff to recommend?  I'd be especially interested 
: in rain gear that costs less that a tent<<<grin>>>.  Kahley
: Multi listers...sorry
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