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[at-l] Cheap gear

I'm not looking to start a fuss with this but....alot of the clothes
featured for hiking and winter sports, like anything else, _can_cost
a mint.  I can't afford even 1/4 mint so I do it on the cheap.

Today, the temp was 11 -17 with stiff winds that gusted to darn near 
knock ya over.  We were out for only about 3 hrs....had to go to work.
But tomorrow I will put this outfit to a real test with a daylight
to dusk hike.  Anyway, today I was too warm...

Wally-mart long sleeve polypro undee-top			13.00
Another polyester long sleeve shirt		 		 6.00
Fleece lined nylon jacket with hood				49.00
Nylon-lycra leggins						14.00
Very old polyester stretch pants				11.00
Kmart poly-fleece gloves (on sale now for 7.50)			10.00
Kmart poly-fleece scarf  (on sale now for 7.50)			 7.50
Turtle fur Balaclava (my extravegance..this stuff is sooo nice)	17.00

Tommorrow, the hike will include two meals and I get cold quick when not 
moving....so I'll change things.  Probably switch to a 
Polartec 200 hooded jacket					49.00
Nylon windbreaker						13.00

and I'll pack
Nylon wind pants						17.00
Down Jacket, (slightly irregular)				49.00
Kmart thinsulate mittens					10.00

And I plan to check out how hiking with two poles helps the knees.  I've 
used_a_ staff in winter before but I found some really great banner 
poles (you know those colorful banners alot of people are putting on 
there houses) which I have tipped with cruch tips and wrapped some
Wilson" tennis racket grip for my hands.  I know, I know..you can
pick up a staff once you get there but, they are usually wet, heavy and 
rough on the hand.  Anyway..total cost for two....24.00. I'm sorry the
micro fiber,fleece hat I ordered for 9.00 plus shipping hasn't come yet.

Please note that I'm not trying to start a war here.  If you can afford 
the best, more power to ya.  But I hope people who are just getting into 
packing or just getting into winter don't get scared off by high gear

OK...now that I've admitted to being...shall we say frugal...anyone else 
have any cheap stuff to recommend?  I'd be especially interested 
in rain gear that costs less that a tent<<<grin>>>.  Kahley

Multi listers...sorry
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