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Re: [at-l] Fear And Loathing on the AT

>Great post!  When I was hiking in the "fish hook across the trail area" in
>northeast Tennessee there is a bit of a road walk.  I came across three
>locals sitting on an abandoned car with more bullet holes in it than an LA
>drive-by.  These guys were adorned from head to foot with Harley appareil
>and were drinking beer ( it was about 10:00AM on a Sunday).  I was not very
>comfortable about walking past this group.  In fact, at the time I wish I
>had an AK-47 just to soften up the area before heading on by. 

Whoa there Bill!  The difference between the Bamaman's post and yours is
that he was kidding!  So what if they were sitting in an abandoned car?  And
it's probably not very likely that they were the ones who put the bullet
holes in it -- although you never can say.  But what's wrong with wearing HD
apparel???  My Dad's a biker (actually, he's currently down in Daytona Beach
at AMI in the process of becoming an HD Technician :)) and he *always* wears
something or other with the HD insignia on it.  He also happens to be the
nicest guy you'd ever want to meet, even though he does look a bit of the
rogue (he's probably even growing his hair out right now, after just getting
out of 20 years in the Navy).  I'd be very careful about making assumptions
like that based solely on a person's appearance -- you may very well miss
out on the opportunity of meeting some wonderful people.  And for anyone who
doesn't already know......BIKERS ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH. :)))  Hell's
Angels and the like only comprise about 5% of all the bikers out there, so
please keep that in mind.

 As it turned
>out I made it  past without incident.  I offered a friendly salute as I
>approached them.  Two of them looked as if they were numb from last night's
>revelry and the third was almost friendly.
>Actually the only fear I have on the AT is characters like this and
>lightening up high!  

Almost unfriendly?  WELL, there's something to be afraid of....  Mind you, I
could be totally misreading your situation.  Did they say anything untoward
to you or make any threatening advances?  Perhaps they'd already experienced
some sort of hiker paranoia and were just expecting it to happen again?  Who
knows......  I'd be pretty cranky and unresponsive too if people had been
judging me based on my appearance all day.  Anyhoo, just a thought (or two
or three <g>)... :)

Take care,

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