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[at-l] Origin of Bamaman

Felix asks, Why " Bamaman" ? 

The Bamaman responds:

        It was sometime in April, somewhere in North Carolina and somewhat
after consuming my sixth Bama Pecan Pie that Julian "Old Man" Westall my
hiking buddy from England turned to me and said, " Aye Chief I think we
should call you the Bamaman !"

        The almighty Bama Pecan Pie that delectable, edible 3 inch pie in
the nifty little tin pie plate and cellophane wrapper.  I'm not sure they
even make them anymore but boy were they good and cheap too.

        I remember the time we stopped at the budget motorcourt in
Waynesboro, Virginia and were told that a couple of thruhikers from Maine,
Rosebud and Schroth were in the room next to ours.  Well after we checked
out our room I went to the wall and banged on the wall, " Hey it's me the
Bamaman ! "  "The Bamaman's Here!"

        After about the fourth time we heard the door next door open and
some footsteps coming to our door, a knock and then we both said "come on in
! "  In came these two gigantic guyswho didn't look anything like Rosebud
and Schroth and who had their names sewn on their shirts shouted " Who the
hell is the Bamaman ? "  I of course immediately turned to Old Man westall
and said "He's the Bamaman, he's the Bamaman."

        Julian started to speak and next thing I knew was outside the door
laughing with the good old boys.  I later found out that he told them that I
was a little Daff in the head and that he sometimes couldn't control my

        So remember this story when you read any posts from the Bamaman AT '81  


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