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RE: [at-l] Itinerary/Safety


I must say it has been a pleasure discussing this issue with you.  You
seem to be a well spoken intelligent person.  To be honest with you when
I posted that original message I expected a deluge of rantings by the
radical left but that did not happen.  I is nice to be part of a group
of folks with open minds.

Back to the issues and I'll try to be brief.  I hope I'm not boring the
crap out of everyone.

I think we mis-communitcated about the "always consider a gun loaded". 
You are correct and I completly agree.  Another one of those basics.  I
had a friend years ago that was cleaning his pistol in his living room
and after he was done wanted to dry-fire it.  Well, he pointed it up
towards the ceiling, pulled the trigger, and put a 158grain .357 magnum
round through the roof.  He thought the gun was unloaded.  Fortunately
he was following the other rule of pointing it away from people, loaded
or not, and didn't hurt anyone.

I see your points on just about everything except the the alcohol gig. 
I firmly belive that a weapon does not belong in the hands of someone
under the influence, happy drunk or mean drunk.  That's kind of like
what we used to say when we were in our teens, that we could drive cars
better drunk than sober.  We shouldn't be operating vehicles drunk nor
should we be handling deadly weapons.

Well, you have a very good point about the odd's thing.  You're probably
more likely to develop a fatal hangnail on the trail than be placed in
that position.  I don't know that my mind has been changed but It has
been interesting to hear a different point of view.

Take it easy,
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