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[at-l] Military on AT in Ga.

Camp Merrill is in northern Ga,  just off the trail.  Airborne or some other
serious group trains there.  The camp is named after a famous WWII (?)
officer,  "Merrill's Marauders".  John Wayne or some other macho stud played
Merrill in a movie.  There training does go into the trail area,  however the
soldiers are penalized for contact with civvies.  

A similar experience for me occurred in the Uhwarrie NF in central NC,  when
our Boy Scout Troop was rousted out of our tents at 2 am by soldiers from
Fort Bragg's 82nd.

When they realized we were kids they left cussing up a storm.

There is room for all of us,  somewhere.

David Craft
Greensboro,  NC

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