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Re: [at-l]Safety - Guns?

I would have left this subject lie, but a comment kept gnawing.
I will not debate the issue of legal or not, but....gun  SAFETY!
Bucky (below) seems to encourage "live fire" along the trail....

If you don't know how to safely handle and fire a gun for accuracy before
you leave on the trail, don't take a gun.  Don't expect to practice along
the way either.  A gun owner (especially hand gun owners) should expect
to "practice" 4 time a year and shoot up a 50 round box of bullets each
time.  If you can't afford the time or money to do that, then you are a
hazard to yourself, your family and those around you.  It is strongly
recommended these "practice" sessions happen on a firing range.   There,
SAFETY rules have been established, others are on hand usually to offer
advise or assistance, and because of the expectation of gun fire noise,
you are not trying to hide from the public around you.

(I know I said 4 time a year, but I think I would forgo the trailside
practice anyway.)

About changing old bullets....

The most common cause of failure of a cartridge (bullet) not to fire is
the probability that cleaning oils or solvents used on the gun have
penetrated the cartridge either at the primer at the bottom, or around
the projectile seal into the top of the case.  Over oiling will cause a
problem.  Oil penetrates faster, and better, than water. Do not oil the
cartridges.  Just wipe them off if there is an appearance of "other than"
shiny case metal. 

Note:  Stainless Steel guns will survive the element much better than
Blued guns.  With either though, if you fire them, them need to have the
bore and chamber cleaned. 

A drop of"thin" lacquer (nail polish - pick any color) on the primer and
a stripe around the top of the case will seal the cartridge.  (Like nail
polish to waterproof matches).  The buildup or thickness of the lacquer
should not impede the ability to load the gun, nor should it be obviously
raised by feeling with your fingers.  The color will help identify a lot
(or group) of older cartridges that you may want to shoot up at the next
practice session and save 5 or 6 from the new box to "carry". 

The only time I ever carried a firearm was to the range.  I used ham
radio (you could use cellular) as a crutch when help was needed.  It is a
great confidence builder to be able to talk with someone when things are
not going well.

"Hi Mom, calling from XYZ shelter near Pine Top... There are 3 hunters
here too.  Will be spending the night and off early in the morning.  I
expect to be in town tomorrow and will call you again from there" 

Is a cellular phone lighter than a gun?
A bear doesn't know (yet) about cellular (see the Ericsson advertising),
give him your food.

Sorry for the bandwidth along the edge of the normal topic, but if it
helps one person, it was worth it.

Peter Lascell

On Sat, 11 Jan 1997 01:54:56 -0500 Bucky <mfuller@somtel.com> writes:

>a half-ounce of gun oil. If the gun is kept out of the elements
>(as it should be), you'll only need to wipe it off and lightly
>oil it every 3-7 days.
>Live-fire practice can be planned near towns where you can buy
>ammunition. Previously-carried cartridges should be fired and
>replaced with fresh ones.
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