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Re: [at-l] NRA

Felix wrote:
> I know I've been gone and all, but when did we change from AT-L to NRA-L?
> As I've contended in the past, each and every person should be given the
> benefit of the doubt. Make your determination of a person's character
> after you have little info about the person. Just because a guy wears
> flannel shirts, a camo vest, a hat that says "Eat at Billy Ray Bob's"...
> doesn't mean he's dangerous. It just means he has no eye for fashion.
> Instead of continually bashing the common man, I say we start in on the
> real bastards of society- The doctors and lawyers. Anyone every get a
> ride into town by doctor or lawyer?
> --
> Felix


Yes, I have gotten a ride to town with a doctor. Last year, I injured my
knee at Spence Field in the Smokies. It took me 6 hours to hike 5 miles
down the mountain. A doctor and his family were day hiking. He saw me
limping and using my Leki's as crutches. He said to wait at the trail
head and they would take me to town when they finished their hike. I did
and he took me to town. He also happened to be a cyclist and we had a
wonderful discussion on the way in. 

I can see why people slam lawyers sometimes even though most are good
people, but I have had nothing but good experiences with doctors. In
fact, one saved my wife's life. Most are dedicated, hard-working people.
And most truly care about you. I don't think it's quite fair to
characterize them as "bastards of society". 

Peter H. Fornof
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