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Re: [at-l] Fear And Loathing on the AT

At 08:50 PM 1/10/97 -0600,Bamaman  wrote:
>        How to make friends and influence people on the AT:
>        (Appendix A in "Fear and Loathing on the AT")


Great post!  When I was hiking in the "fish hook across the trail area" in
northeast Tennessee there is a bit of a road walk.  I came across three
locals sitting on an abandoned car with more bullet holes in it than an LA
drive-by.  These guys were adorned from head to foot with Harley appareil
and were drinking beer ( it was about 10:00AM on a Sunday).  I was not very
comfortable about walking past this group.  In fact, at the time I wish I
had an AK-47 just to soften up the area before heading on by.  As it turned
out I made it  past without incident.  I offered a friendly salute as I
approached them.  Two of them looked as if they were numb from last night's
revelry and the third was almost friendly.

Actually the only fear I have on the AT is characters like this and
lightening up high!  


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