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Re: [at-l] Fear and Loathing

>         Some of you guys need to lighten up - obviously I was not serious.
> In the future I guess I will have to be more politically correct and not
> include any place names.  However, it wasn't that long ago that they hanged
> an elephant in Erwin, TN now was it?

. . . and what a GREAT story that is!!!  I work with 2 guys who were 
from near there and made the mistake of telling me about it (one of 
them had a book that had a write-up on the whole thing) and they 
haven't heard the end of it yet.

Every time I see someone getting their ire, I hafta jump in with 
"Careful, you know they hang elephants where he comes from"!!

**    Keith E. Patterson
**    Fincastle, VA, USA
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**    Keith_E_Patterson@atlanticmutual.com
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