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Re: [at-l] Bivy Sacks...

> Anyone have experience with bivy sacks.  Good/bad.  Summer/winter.  I'm
> thinking of buying one to use with a small tarp rather than a tent.  Comments?

I have the Western Mountaineering bivy sack and use it in the 
Appalachians w/out a tarp.  The area in head is large enough for me 
to get all my gear inside and still arrange it so that there is an 
'breathing' opening that doesn't leak rain in on me (took me several 
trips to get this mastered, but it works great!!).

I originally bought this bivy for 2 main reasons:
    1.  Large head area that allowed storage of gear and 
         ability to manipulate it in inclimate weather
    2.  Three-sided goretex, as I plan to use it as a bag
         cover in winter.  I have not tried this yet, but I don't
         anticipate any problems with it.

I highly recommend this bivy sack.


**    Keith E. Patterson
**    Fincastle, VA, USA
**    kep1@roanoke.infi.net
**    Keith_E_Patterson@atlanticmutual.com
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