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[at-l] red necks??????

Years ago when my friends and I were planning our first trip south of 
the Mason Dixon Line, I was talking with my parents and made some 
comment about how we hoped we wouldn't have any trouble with the 
rednecks.  My Dad bristled and in the voice he used when he was 
dissapointed in me he said, "Come here girl...look at_my_ neck".
I did...it was red, red brown really and wrinkled and almost leathery 
He said "It looks like that because I've spent most of my life out in 
the sun and wind earning a living to support my family"
To him, it was a badge of honor.		Kahley

PS. I buy from Cabelas...
 Here in Pa, on of the most common items I find when picking up road 
litter are Skoal tins...bad habits are universal.
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