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Re: [at-l] Fear And Loathing on the AT

At 08:50 PM 1/10/97 -0600, you wrote:
>        1. Sew an NRA (National Rifle Association,  for you less wordly)
>patch on your pack and immediately become a freind of the redneck guy at the
>local  Erwin, TN  Deliverance Drive Thru while at the same time sending the
>message in all your Robert Deniro-like glory, " Are you lookin at me , I
>said are you lookin at me "

I suspect you were attempting to be humorous, but I must say my experience
with the folks in the South was extremely positive while on the trail, in
particular in Erwin which was one of the nicest trail towns on the whole AT.
We had people offering us rides there when we weren't even asking.  Erwin
has been given a bad rap in the past and it is undeserved today for sure.


Mark and Janet Holmes (Appalachian Trail - GA>NH (minus PA) '95)
NH > ME + PA 1997
Fox Hill Inn - Innkeepers 1-800-874-3313 (for reservations)
VA 16
Troutdale,VA  ( 4 miles from Dickey Gap on the AT)
AT Hiker stopping point in the Grayson Highlands!
-provider of shuttles in SW VA
Phone: 540-677-3313 

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