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Hi, everyone. Wingfoot here. 

Hope you had a great holiday season. It's blowing-snowing in Hot Springs
tonight, and we have both southbounders a few days south and early
northbounders from the Class of '97 due in town any day now. The Trail has
no rest, it seems, and neither do I now that I'm pushing to get Trailplace
ready by the end of the month. And, that's why I'm posting. I need your help.

I need photos of all the shelters on the AT for use in the Class of '97
section of Trailplace. If any of you have photos of shelters that you would
like to share, I'd love to have them. I can't handle slides, though, just
photos. I'll return your photos to you after I've scanned them for use on
the page. Your shelter photo will be used at the top of an electronic
shelter register that will be part of our "Anniversary Project" in which we
will post entries from the members of the Class of '97. We'll have a
"register" file for every shelter on the Trail. 

You can send photos to: Trailplace, P. O. Box 525, Hot Springs, NC 28743,
and, if possible, I'd like to have them in hand by the end of January. If
you can supply your photo as a gif or jpeg, so much the better.

Thanks for helping us prepare for this part of Trailplace. Many folks will
enjoy your photos and the "register entries" that we will be posting. Also,
any '97 thru-hikers who are interested in having your journal posted, get
in touch by telephone (704-622-7601). We still have a few spaces left for
the journals that will be part of the anniversary project. You can check
out how journals will be handled on the page (http://trailplace.com). The
early draft is up and working.

Stay warm,


PS - If you're wondering why I don't use my own, there are all on slides,
which I can't scan at present; plus, I'm the Trail's worst photographer!

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