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[at-l] Fear And Loathing on the AT

        How to make friends and influence people on the AT:
        (Appendix A in "Fear and Loathing on the AT")

        1. Sew an NRA (National Rifle Association,  for you less wordly)
patch on your pack and immediately become a freind of the redneck guy at the
local  Erwin, TN  Deliverance Drive Thru while at the same time sending the
message in all your Robert Deniro-like glory, " Are you lookin at me , I
said are you lookin at me "

        2. Remember to TCG your pack.  A strategically placed Token
Camouflage Gear tied to the outside of your pack will give you that certain
Soldier of Fortune look.  Now you will no longer throw out those Cabela's
catalogs we all get in the mail but will feverishly skim the pages looking
for that new camo brief to strap to the old Tioga before your next overnight
in Northern Georgia.

        3. Remember whenever you walk into any local store .5 miles to
either the East or West of the road crossing within 300 miles North or South
of Elk Park, NC to walk right up to the counter and say, " 'scuse me maam,
I'll take 4 of them there Skoal bandits if you please." followed by, " I
don't see this month's issue of  Inside the Barnyard, has it come in yet?"
Then go about your normal routine of checking the ice cream cooler, getting
the last few boxes of Kraft Mac -n- Cheese and that Jumbo snickers bar you
thought about for the last 6 miles.

        4.  Always greet any local that approaches you while you sit alone
at any road crossing trying to figure out how long it will take you to get
to a town to pig out before it gets dark as follows:

        South of Keys Gap, W. VA " Hey what about them Carolina Panthers/"

        North of Keys Gap to Delaware Water Gap  " Too bad bout them
Steelers man," 

        North of Delaware Water Gap " What about them New England Patriots -
can you believe it."

The Bamaman AT '81

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