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[at-l] Re: Section to Hike?

Dave wrote:

>Me and a group of friends(10-15) are wanting to do a section of the AT

Well, I wouldn't want to give anybody a hard time about hiking the AT, but
many people consider it bad form to hike in large groups.  To some extent,
this is official policy.  The nearest AT guidebook I have is for Md and N.
Va, and it says "The policy of the Appalachian Trail Conference is that
groups planning to spend one or more nights on the Trail should not exceed 10
people ...".

I agree with this policy.  I think large groups tend to concentrate more and
thus are more destructive at camping areas.  Also, large groups tend to take
over areas to the exclusion of others.

I have heard people disagree with this.  And I doubt that you would get
thrown off the trail for going in a large group.

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