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[at-l] Oh, no...another trail journal (yawn)

Monday, January 6
I met up with Mark, Janet and Felix at 11 and Felix and I put the cars in
place and hiked to Helvey's Mill shelter.  Plenty of light to set up and
eat.  Temp was 25* in the night.

Tuesday, January 7
Hiked 14 miles to Jenkins.  Fairly easy day.  Arrived with plenty of
light to set up and cook supper.  Temperature got down to 18* in the

Wednesday, January 8
Our big day.   Nineteen miles  including a climb over Chestnut Knob.  The
view from the Knob was beautiful.  The two previous times I'd been there
it was clouded in.   I filched a bracket fungi from the shelter with some
southbounder thru hikers' names carved on it.   Turns out later that
Felix knew all of them so I graciously gave my souvenir to him (first I
had to listen to a lecture about stealing).   We arrived at the shelter
(Knot Maul) at dark, but still hadn't used our flashlights.  It was very
windy all night and late in the night to snow/sleet began.   A mouse
crawled around my head.

Thursday, January 9
We didn't feel like getting up, but I had to be to work that night.  That
didn't leave us any choice.   I have to admit it was beautiful...a winter
wonderland!   The temperature was 30*, so it was warmer, but wetter.  
The 14 miles seemed more like the 19 of the day before because of
breaking snow.   It also turned out that Felix misrepresented the terrain
(I must speak to my lawyer).   Most of the time I stepped in Felix's
tracks which saved me energy (I offered to take my turn).    Since it was
so cold and damp we didn't officially stop for lunch.  Felix will
probably never let me forget that!.    I went back and forth between
loving the snow for how beautiful it was and hating it because of how
difficult it made the hike.   The Dairy Queen sign in Atkins was a great
sight.   Of course we stopped and ate, and I also took advantage of the
showers at the truck stop.    I didn't get to go home but drove straight
to work.  Alas, another backpack ends....
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