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[at-l] Trail names

We for along time have been trying to come up 
with trail names, but we just could never come
up with ones that we either liked or fit. This
past weekend has changed that. Among our friends
there is one who just happens to be a Native 
American chief, this past weekend while sitting
around the living room fireplace after dinner,
Marvel, who is a great story teller, began spinning
one of his tales of Indian folklore and legend.
This particular evening he began talking about the
legends of the contrary warrior, I won't try to
give anyone a lesson in Native American culture,
but suffice to say in certain tribes a contrary warrior
was one who, for some reason, choose to live his life backwards.
Marvel determined because we have choosen to do a hike in
the opposite direction from normal we must be
contrary, so we should have contrary names, so
after asking for our hike to be blessed he gave
us our contrary names. After thinking and talking
about this all week, Alison and I have decided his
blessing and naming us has got to be a good sign,
so we have decided to keep and use our contrary
names. The more contrary you are, the easier the
names are to understand .

erehwon and erehwyna

(the hikers formerly known as the Smiths )
( I couldn't resist that )
Me to Ga '97  (REXX says leaving in 127 days )

PS. Bob, I have been trying to reply to your note
  but it keeps coming back, but anyway, thanks for
the invitation I'm sure we will meet each other 
in passing, and will give you a call when we
have an idea when we will be near your area.
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