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[at-l] Dartmouth Frosh...

  Hey, there are certain things on the trail that are worrisome, but some
of you get talking about it like it "your' trail.  Yea for some the 'rednecks' maybe irritating, and scary, but give these college groups a break.
 This year I shared two shelters with them, and even though they weren't
all that keen on all the little tricks they were still a very friendly
group of kids.  Heck they even went out of their way to sing "Happy
Birthday" to me.  Yea, I understand how disappointing it is to some up
to a shelter that is full of 'non-AT thru hikers', but that's why you
carry another form of shelter or sleep under the stars.  I personally
find it inviting to come up on a shelter full of new people to converse
with and possibly Yogi.
   As for military groups, ha 65 lbs. , I thought our military was
People go out on the trail for many reasons, to learn, get away for
awhile, challenge themselves, etc.  No matter what their reason or
length we should all respect them for actually getting out for behind
the Tv and outside to enjoy this wilderness that we are claiming as our
own and then slowly destroying...

Bearss aka Spiderman
ME-NH/VT '96
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