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Re: [at-l] snow, dogs

My Australian Shepherd loves to romp in the snow. He has the most amazing
thick double coat of fur, and can stay out far longer than I can. (He's the
type that can have 3 or 4 inches of snow piled up on his back -- it never
melts b/c he's so well insulated.)

Anyway, what he really likes to do is catch snowballs. He runs, twists, and
jumps, like he's going after a frisbee, then catches the snowball with  giant
snap of his jaws. Then he gets a really confused look, and starts digging
through the snow looking for the ball that he just 'dropped'. He is
constantly amazed that I have it in my hand ;-)

We got ice in Richmond, and I drove to Winston-Salem (my new home, soon), and
the glaze of ice was just beautiful the whole way. Sure wish we got snow,

Happy snow to the lucky ones. Cheers to everyone else.

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