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[at-l] you guys have been busy!!

WOW!!  I just got fininshed reading all the mail that has been sent over the
past week...and it was a lot of reading.  my butt's numb from setting here
so long (J/K , I had to read it over 2 nites )  So some of this ( most
really ) is out of date.

1) Rachelle- web page looks good- checked out the gear list and it reminded
me that I still have to get some more stuff ( more power argh.argh ar---- I
mean  MORE GEAR )

2) tumbleweed-  Calm down, we didnt get that much winter weather.  Even
though I think you got a little more sleet than I did.

3) to all the nut cases- my plan (schedule for the trail) Feb 14 - Last day
at work  Feb15-27 Pack up belongings and get things into storage (
tumbleweed ( in TX) want to buy a 55 gal fish tank- I haven't hear any one
discuss fish as hiking partners lately)  Feb 28 get last check (travel $$ )
and get to GA  ( Mike in Can- still have to check their schedule to seen
when I actually get there if you still wanted to share a shuttle?! )  I
think this answers someone else ? as to when everone was leaving- or maybe
that was on the ATML

4) Firefly  - thanks for all the help you've given me so far. I really
appreciate it.

5) Condom uses on the trail-  Seperate individual spaghetti servings,  water
proof cigarette holder/ firestarter/matches,  rice holder,  soak beans for

6) just got another batch of mail- talk to everyone later

later N8
We're not here for a long time.
We're here for a good time.
Life is fun!

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