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[at-l] Dana story...

	The price request for Danas reminds me how I got my Stillwater 
about a year ago.  I love a good deal as much as the next guy but this 
has to be my best deal as of yet.  I do alot of hunting and pecking for 
what I like to get, so I usually hold off on something until I can get it 
for a good price.  (like my Mt. Hardware Exposure jacket for 25% off)
	About 2 years ago I bought a Mt Smith FrostFireII on a pro-deal 
with Philmont Scout Ranch.  (amazing... people belived we were 
professional backpackers)  I liked it, my first internal and for a grand 
whopping 225.  Not too bad.  But then things started to fall apart on it 
literally.  Zippers busted, seemed coming apart, the dial in stays would 
come out...etc.  I was one unhappy camper.
	I got back from that summer and took the pack to EMS to see if I 
could get it repaired or replaced.  They took it for about 1.5 months and 
I called asking where my pack was.  They said call back next week so they 
could check into things.  I was getting neverous cause club day was 
coming up when everything was on sale in the store.  (including Danas)
	So I call 2 days before the sale and ask, what the heck is going 
on?  They said they would give me store credit for the entire pack.  
Which at that time was about 325 for the pack.  So far I have made about 
100 bucks on a bad pack.  I go to the store and order the Stillwater, 
which I wind up paying a grand total of 82 bucks for on my card.

not bad, not bad at all.  Why didn't I get the Terraplane?  If I have 
that much room, I will try to fill it.  Plus, if I am filling it... why 
the heck do I need that much stuff?  Good pack, don't get me wrong, but I 
don't need that much room.  The Stillwater gave me the shove-it tale that 
I was looking for at the time plus the Arc-flex system.

enough rambling... my dog needs to go outside.  (ahhh... tired labs, they 
are the cutest things)


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