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RE: [at-l] Itinerary/Safety

Jim, (and anyone else listening :)

First of all I want to thank you for your opinion.  I want it to be 
understood that I respect all points of view and welcome them.  Those
overly opionated that use their mouth instead of their ears are doomed
to ignorance.
With that said let me please respond,

To your point that there are better ways I could not agree more.  There
are many many ways to get out of these situations without using that
kind of force and they are certainly to be used.  What I'm talking about
here is removing a variable, however small it may be, by being prepared
for that very defined situation when that force would be necessary and
realistically feasible.  There are a lot of variables that we have no
control over, fix the ones you can.

>Now I've got some questions for you - they're drunk and they've got
>"loaded" guns.  Even assuming that both conditions are true,  why
>does that automatically make them "bad guys"? 

Anyone that is drunk and handling a weapon should be considered "bad
guys" simply for the fact that anyone that ignorant/irresponsible points
out serious character flaws.  I was tought at the age of 8 how to handle
a weapon and the respect that it deserves and then again when in the
military.  Never point a weapon loaded or not, if you're pointing your
weapon at something you need to be mentally ready to shoot it, and for
gods sake never, NEVER handle a weapon, LOADED or UNLOADED when you've
been drinking.  Now you see why I question the drunks with guns?  My
generalization about "rednecks" was improper and I apoligize.  (hell, I
live in virgina!) :)

Again, thank you for your response and I really want to know how
everyone else feels.

p.s. jim wrote: "I knew there was at least one of you out there" 
	Jim, I have the utmost respect for your views and I expect the
	same respect.  This is not personnal it is a discussion.

*Dean -
*I knew there was at least one of you out there - 6 years ago I'd have
*used the same kind of argument.   Then I did a thruhike - and learned
*that there are better ways to handle your proposed "situation".   To
*be honest - faced with that situation, I'd either keep on moving and
*camp someplace else or I'd sit down, demand a drink and start talking
*to them.  Does it work?  Yeah - been there and done that.  More than
*once.  For one thing, if you're a gun owner and let them know it - and
*prove that you are by asking the right questions, then generally you'll
*be accepted as part of the "fraternity".   That's just as true of gun
*people as it is of hikers.
*Now I've got some questions for you - they're drunk and they've got
*"loaded" guns.  Even assuming that both conditions are true,  why
*does that automatically make them "bad guys"?  And if you don't
*like the situation, why haven't you already moved on?  Why give
*the situation a chance to deteriorate to the shooting stage?   And if
*it did get to the shooting stage, what makes you think you could take
*out three of them without losing some vital personal parts in the
*process?   It's a lousy way to abort a thruhike.

*Anyway, I'm gonna add something that I wrote a while ago about
*safety on the Trail - it covers more than just guns, but it seems
*appropriate at the moment.

*Walk softly - and don't distrub the drunks

>Well Jim,
>        Guns are illegal on probably most parts of the Trail, especially
>concealed however, who exactly is going to come to your aid when 3
>drunk rednecks are sitting in a shelter with loaded weapons?  Mr. Police
>Man?  Grab your trusy cell-phone and give 'em a call, I'm sure they'll
>be there toot sweet!  I don't think so.  I certainly don't believe that
>guns are the answer all the time and probably not even most of the time.
>Often they can actually make a bad situation worse.  Talk your way out,
>leave the area, but as a last resort in life or death situations I can't
>see a better solution.  I welcome comments from the group.
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