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 I read in one of the National Geographic books on the AT that a particular
 part of the Trail is used by the military for training personnel for warfare
 in mountainous regions.  I think this area was supposed to be in
 Georgia......anyone still know if this practice is still in effect?

Yes... at Hawk Mountain.   They were quite entertaining last May when I went
through there...My journal entry from May 2...

At Hawk Mountain Shelter now..dinner's over and coffee is in hand...have been
reading for a while but almost time to sack....Great Day Hiking!!  Each mile
takes me further from work...beautiful section today from Stover Creek on...a
green tunnel next to a delightful creekbed..climbed abit and stumbled into an
old cemetery for the "Bethel Babtist Church"--Chuck and Dawn were there
playing on a rather advanced teetor totter when i came in..I sat in the sun
and giggled watching!--oh yea!  Long's Fall was nice..I dipped my toes in the
water at the bridge at 3 Forks..had no idea that Georgia was sooo pretty!
 After Arizona it's lush "country road" feel is a treat....found myself
singing outloud on the trail today! Good group here tonite...we have seen and
heard helicopters from the base near here.....just wish they'd fly a Pizza
in!  One group of hikers ran into a tired group of soldiers on the trail...

:-)  Thanks for reminding me of this..it was fun to pull this out and
remember that day...in terms of the military guys, they were tired, friendly
and just part of the experience....

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