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Re: [at-l] Health Insurance Policies

> >Any advice on purchasing a Health Insurance Plan (it
> >works out to $1 CAN a day) would be greatly appreciated.

You might consider Golden Rule, or some other national company that sells 
individual health care polciy, or, try a Blue Cross Blue Shield. Most of 
the Blues have residency requirements. For example, if could establish a 
residence in Maine, the end of the trail, you might try Blue Cross Blue 
Shield of Maine.

Most of their individual policies have a 12 month wait on pre-existing 
conditions which may not affect you if you are just looking for emergency 
or accident care coverage. However, depending upon the deductible you 
chose, $150, $300, $1000, $5000; then 20% coinsurance after deductible 
met, the premium might well be out of your range. Your probably looking 
at $250 a month for a $150 deductible.

With these considerations, unless you are looking for catestrophic 
coverage, you know the $30,000, $40,000 hospital stay, you might be 
better of to save the premium bucks you might have spent and save it into 
a Visa card account, which most hospitals take. 

Outpatient services you might be looking at $300 to $400 a visit or 
Inpatient, god forbid, probably $1000 a day. So, do the math;

$250 a month for 6 months,  $1500  = about 4 or 5 outpatient hospital 

I would also think your Canadian coverage must have some out of country 

If you need more help, I'm on the Maine end of the trail, let me know.

Jeff>>> with asprin(ations) of someday doing the trail, maybe at 55!!!!
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