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Re: [at-l] Schedules (was: Itinerary/Safety)

Thomas B. Greene wrote:

> This is one thing I was wondering about.  Do all the thru-hikers have
> carefully worked out schedules?  


I'm gonna leave Springer at the end of March or the beginning of April.
(This depends upon how much free time my Rebel friends in Ga. have)

Hiking north I'll get to somewhere between Harper's Ferry & The Delaware
Water Gap... Then I'll decide if I'm gonna flip-flop to Baxter & walk
home (Saylorsburg, Pa), or just hike straight thru.

At any rate, if I decide to return to mu current job (from a granted 
leave of absence) I must do so on 1 Oct 97.

Relative certainties for 3/21/97 thru 9/30/97 are that I will hike 
most days and probably many nights during this time. I'm goin' to 
eat MRE's, ramen, Mac's & cheese, Lipton Kettle creations, PB&J, &
Tuna. And, I'm wearin' jump boots.
I am going to turn 40 on the trail and I will complete the 2160 this

How's that for an itinerary?


ps. For all of you that have "been there / done that...

Where were the best pizzas?
How about the best place to grab a couple of beers?
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