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Re: [at-l] Schedules and DMZ (was: Itinerary/Safety)

Tom -

>12 days late for hiking a 2100 mile trail.  Maybe this is the software
>engineer in me speaking, but I would say that's almost God-like to stick
>so close to your original schedule.

That was just plain coincidence - by the time I got into Maine
I didn't really want to finish.  I didn't even think about the
"schedule" until after I got home.  In fact, if my knees and
check account hadn't been so badly abused, I'd have turned
around and headed south - without any planning.

>> I'm not gonna advocate everyone posting their "schedules",
>This is one thing I was wondering about.  Do all the thru-hikers have
>carefully worked out schedules?  I tend to be the type of person who
>picks up a map and says, "I think I will go here."  My planning is
>limited to getting general information about an area, looking over
>a few maps, and getting the weather forcast.  Anyone planning to do
>the AT "ad hoc?"  I know there are draw backs to doing things this
>way, but I've been to some places I never would have gone and had
>some adventures I never would of had if I planned things out more.

I don't think many people work out the kind of detail that I do.
Ginny did her second (92) thruhike with just 2 weeks notice.
And we know more than a few people who've done it with no
planning other than "How long is it and where does it start?".
I like my way - and they like theirs.  Aren't you glad that ALL
the men in the world don't fall in love with the same woman?
Vive la differance!!

>> As for the "DMZ"...
>What exactly is the "DMZ" ?

The DMZ is the area in Tennessee where fish hooks were
strung across the trail and a shelter was burned by some
local bad boys.  The fish hook incident happened just ONCE -
not multiple times as has been previously stated by some
people.  The local bad boys are in jail and not likely to pull
that kind of stunt again.   The origin of the problems was
a clash of philosophy between the local people and the
ATC/USFS land use philosophy, aggravated by the failure
of the ATC and Forest Service to negotiate in good faith.
In any case, that chapter of AT history is just that - history.
I think it might be a good idea to learn from it and leave it
in the past.

Anyway - gotta get back to work.  I can probably do a LOT
more damage to the space program before I leave today.

Walk softly,

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