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[at-l] Schedules and DMZ (was: Itinerary/Safety)

Jim wrote:

> Personal exerience was that by the time I got to Troutville, VA
> I was 15 days "behind schedule".   I "made up" 9 days and was
> only 6 days "behind schedule" when I pulled into Bear Mt, NY.
> And then I "lost" 6 more days and finished at Katahdin 12 days
> "late".

12 days late for hiking a 2100 mile trail.  Maybe this is the software
engineer in me speaking, but I would say that's almost God-like to stick
so close to your original schedule.

> I'm not gonna advocate everyone posting their "schedules",

This is one thing I was wondering about.  Do all the thru-hikers have
carefully worked out schedules?  I tend to be the type of person who
picks up a map and says, "I think I will go here."  My planning is
limited to getting general information about an area, looking over
a few maps, and getting the weather forcast.  Anyone planning to do
the AT "ad hoc?"  I know there are draw backs to doing things this
way, but I've been to some places I never would have gone and had
some adventures I never would of had if I planned things out more.

> As for the "DMZ"...

What exactly is the "DMZ" ?

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