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> Now I think it's only fair after all the ribbing I've endured to
> turn the tables around and ask all of you male hikers whether or
> not you're stashing away a condom in the bottom of your pack "just
> in case"????   
> Happy trails!
> Rachel
> 'Solophile'  GA-->ME  '97
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Thanks to the good doctors over in urology I no longer
have any need for one of those. ( snip snip,  makes you guys
flinch doesn't it)
(yes yes I know there are OTHER reasons to carry one, but
since I have been faithfully married to the same person
for along long time, and am too old to even think about
being unfaithful I believe I can eliminate them from my pack)
Sure hope Alison isn't carrying one .:-) 

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
ME to GA '97  (REXX says leaving in 4 months 10 days )
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