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     This is a first class web site.  It shows a great deal of high quality
work.  With a full time job and a family of seven to provide for, I am many
years away from doing my thru-hike (sometime between 2005 and 2025).  In the
mean time, I will continue my vurtural hikes through the journal postings
from you and others who are so nice as to hiking and post.

     Although I am unable to do a thru-hike at this time, my son and I will
be doing a few section hikes this spring and summer.  Based on your schedule,
I think you'll always be ahead of us by a few weeks.  But, just in case, if
you run into a somewhat large (round) 36 year old with his very tall 16 year
old son, you will have found us.

     Happy hiking and may God smile on your efforts.
Wayne Brown
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